Organization:- Barjeel Art Foundation & The Rifat Chadirji Prize 2020

Project Type:- Competition

Project Year:- June 2019

Barjeel Museum for Modern Arab Art in SharJah was an international idea  competition under Tamayouz Excellence Award in collboration with Barjeel Art foundation & Rifat Chadiriji foundation.

In 2017 the Sharjah government had given Barjeel Foundation the right of use of a land in Sharjah for the sole purpose of constructing a museum for the Barjeel collection.  Area of the plot is: 6594.6 Meters.

The Concept for a place of Modern art is a representation of Modern art itself. The landscapes of the region are the source of inspiration for creating a contemporary structure and the Environmental design elements towards Providing thermal comfort binds them all.

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